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Randers, on the Jutland peninsula, is the sixth-largest city of Denmark, and a destination with many attractions, events, and exhibitions to choose from. While the city has already been a thriving market town in medieval times, it kept its importance for trade along with its beautiful 15th-century half-timbered houses that today make for a peculiar atmosphere. The main tourist attraction, the Randers Tropical Zoo, with its largest artificial rain forest in Northern Europe, attracts many visitors every year.

The City

Randers is a city for people of every age, and also with any interests: while art lovers and those who are interested in history will admire the town for its huge cultural scene ranging from museums and galleries to music theatres and art venues, gourmets and gourmands adore the variety of kitchens, and athletes (and those to be) the beautiful environment that waits to be explored. The small cobblestone streets with old houses, and small alleyways with cosy shop windows in the old centre of the town are beautiful, and nostalgically decorated especially for Christmas, while more modern buildings will provide you with shops and stores for every need. The nature around Randers offers endless possibilities for activities on or near the fjord, and some historic and peaceful hiking tours will take you to the game reserve Sødring Vildtreservat where the fjord flows into the Kattegat – pack a delicious picnic basket, and enjoy nature and culture all together.


There is a wide range of exciting and festive events in Randers throughout the year, and annually, ranging from music and theatre to sport and other cultural activities. Check out the city's schedule, and you will have an exciting time. While Denmark's biggest children's flea market, with with more than 200 stalls at Østervold, Brødregade and Slotspladsen, and the children's culture week take place during the school's autumn holiday (at week 42), other events are only roughly fixed on a date and thus need to be kept in mind.

Do & See

Randers is, as probably every town in Scandinavia, known for its beautiful surroundings but there are also many places to see, and way more venues to explore. While the art scene is especially lively, your historical knowledge will also get somehow refreshed by establishments that focus on subjects that you probably never really thought of before.


When visiting a new town, region, or country, an essential part of the experience is to try the local food and to experience new dishes in local restaurants. In Randers, you will find an exciting selection and locally produced foodstuffs from apple aquavit and beer to meat and coffee, produced by local producers, so do take that chance and try new things.


Randers is a charming old town dating from the Middle Ages, and all along its cobblestone alleys, cosy cafes await you for enjoying a delicious lunch or a simple but rich cup of coffee. Do take your time and take in their lovely atmosphere, and also try some Danish pastries.

Bars & Nightlife

Randers has a bustling nightlife thriving in the entertainment street where many restaurants, clubs, and bars string together. The town is simply teeming with life, and relaxing with a drink and a great conversation is the best way to experience Randers with tourists and locals alike.


With its streets full of old houses, dating back to the Middle Ages, among new buildings of a modern touch, Randers features a great atmosphere that is perfected by the number of small, cosy specialist shops selling items of all kind: from food and fashion to jewellery and decor. Take your time and stroll around, and you will find some souvenir or bargain that will most likely pleases you and your family and friends back home.

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